You are a Thought Experiment

The cognitive revolution of human species emerged 70,000 years ago after a globally significant super volcano eruption in Sumatra and great droughts narrowed the human population to about 6,000 individuals into a population bottleneck. From the know-how of this group emerged the great thought experiment we come to call homo-sapiens.

A Thought Experiment

For wisdom is more mobile than any motion; because of her pureness she pervades and penetrates all things. Wisdom of Solomon 7:24–26

Eulogy to Stephen Hawking at Westminster Abby quoted by Benedict Cumberbatch June 15, 2018

Reimagining the human mindprint.


Acknowledging this moment

Current evidence is that modern humans had begun to populated African but were driven to near extinction by drought and resource depletion. The entire human species was driven down to 6,000 individuals who were in the right place to begin a thought experiment in acting on their imaginations, applying complex skills gained new mental functions associated with access to nutritional tubers that other animals lacked the tools to dig, and an intensive marine diet rich in long chain omega-3 molecules.

This small group became codependent on the rich marine environment for the nutrients that amplified everyone's strength and signal capacity at the cellular level providing greater eyesight, longevity, disease resistance, and mental creativity and mental health. This collective well being and cognitive expansion gave rise to stronger social bonds and collaborative networks.

As a result of this marine based diet, humans have the highest concentrations of DHA omega-3s than any other species, comparable to dolphins.

The long tail molecular structure of DHA allows for the potential of a quantum tunneling, perhaps creating a portal to consciousness.

Recap: Universe expands non-uniformly allowing things to bump into each other. Collisions cause energy exchanges, particle attraction, contractions and explosions and atomic organization. Atoms bind into molecules some of which converge into signaling systems that pass messages becoming living systems.

Consciousness appears to be a unique and rare opportunity for the universe to witness itself.

"This is noteworthy, given that the ability to invent fictional stories may have been the last and most crucial stage in the evolutionary history of human language and the development of modern-like patterns of cognition."

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Understanding the gut biome is a thought experience

Prefrontal synthesis

Consciousness is a thought experiment experiment.

Imagination is a thought experiment.

Evolution of imagination[edit]

Phylogenesis and ontogenesis of various components of imagination

Phylogenetic acquisition of imagination was a gradual process. The simplest form of imagination, REM-sleep dreaming, evolved in mammals with acquisition of REM sleep 140 million years ago.[27] Spontaneous insight improved in primates with acquisition of the lateral prefrontal cortex 70 million years ago. After hominins split from the chimpanzee line 6 million years ago they further improved their imagination. Prefrontal analysis was acquired 3.3 million years ago when hominins started to manufacture Mode One stone tools.[28] Progress in stone tools culture to Mode Two stone tools by 2 million years ago signify remarkable improvement of prefrontal analysis. The most advanced mechanism of imagination, prefrontal synthesis, was likely acquired by humans around 70,000 years ago and resulted in behavioral modernity.[29] This leap toward modern imagination has been characterized by paleoanthropologists as the "Cognitive revolution",[30] "Upper Paleolithic Revolution",[31] and the "Great Leap Forward".[32]

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