Thoughts for today day

Imploding Carbon Economics for Life Liberty and Pursuit of happiness

The physics of happiness and the thermal dynamic impacts on creative life style

Acknowledge Physics and Scientific Method

The origin story goes back to molecular origins and creation origins if the consumer wants to know.

Understanding the light cone is the large number of entities and distinct patterns that converts upon our lives in this man Moment

Gain a tool kit of knowledge and team skill set.

A successful program that would receive wide acceptance impact established commerce and livelihood. Transition commerce moves people toward acceptable reductions. Avoided cost economics Receiving avoided cost benefits with carbon purchase retirement plan. Collapse of material consumption that is intensive. Conversion to efficiency well maintaining healthy culture.

What is the Origin Story of the Resources you have used?

Take control of your energy consumption. Know your footprint. Know your origin cone and the future cone of the resources you consume consume.

Origin Energy Economics - Chain of Custody of materials.

Product coding should be universal so that the consumer can understand the energy dynamics of each of their consumption decisions of material goods. Why has that economics not been created? Like MPDS forms energy forms can show energy consumption of a resource and even origins and core organic material origins. Walmart and Amazon can require the use of their product selling clients or at least reward them for sharing that. Give that origin story an economic value for each product consumed.

Consumption formulas can start with a generic product like a car and give its average values as the value of consumption. Then as the details of each specific product emerge there is a more accurate calculation of its energy use.

We need A living functional dynamic energy language for understanding systems origins into relationships and personal impacts.

Fund Raising for help wealthy people buy cars - Funds can be taken to subsidize coupons to help concert version of people who need it and people who are wealthy but we want them to proceed with being able to accelerate the conversion by increasing the capacity for more towards affordable assembly.

Techno peasant accessories.

What is the tool kit individuals should have. Knowing knots. Using a saw. Building a Box.

TEAM TOOL KIT - Mutual physical and mental exhilaration is Cultural exhilaration. Sb is an example.

Changing team performance is much more effective in changing individual performance

Week ties are more influential than strong

Observe orient decide act




Sept 5. Convergence of testing theoretical limits to applied innovations. This Tesla’s Collings system.

What is the joy of discovery and the basic instincts toward perfection.

Everyone can incentivize conversion

Low Income Economics.

Low interest loans and grants for energy convergence and resilience.


Inbound links

Ecological Civilization


Test tunnel brick building at Fairhaven. Techno peasant accessories.

Exhibit timeline early light: future with calibration options of resolving environmental and balances and economic stability and life to be happy

Pop-up exhibits can be mass produced. Have Environmental Flash Glances

Park a bunch of electric cars and have a conversation

Time wheel. Age = heart beats galactic miles. CO2 exchange. Days.

Micro macro hello lens tours

Tuning your body through knowledge and exploration

Jack herring


Art & dance

Performance art from Galileo and Vincy.You don’t need extra apparatus, a party or social norms to dance.

I fill the space to pump my limymph. It’s naïve to underestimate the intelligence and relationships of lymphatic system.

I Movements of the morning under the Mapletree dancing form to function

Like looking up a tree is standing at the base and that you look up you see the potential of the way the tree grows up and disperses its pattern.

Foundation of positive relationships and efforts to protect those relationships should be respected. We should celebrate the ancestors who pursued the trust and passion for these relationships.

Emails to move resources to share trails. Agreements to move resources to share trails and have a comment and be in sharing the reward of maintaining a healthy family in band.

We almost innovate and adapt. Here is one of my takes

Pantheon made of patterned Marine Plywood, insulation and Membrane, solar lights and oculus.

Stand up

Did you wake up? Are you hear. Is your mind ready to wander if I start making you tired or annoying. Don’t forget where you are Before your next sleep cycle. You will experience a day unlike any other. You will send it and experience it in many different ways. You will make decisions and observations and actions and feelings of completion or incompletion.

You will awake and eats th throughout the day.

But unlike any other creature you will collect stories in your imagination to guide you to who you are and the relationships you interact with in the world.

These issues are very close in they reach to the deepest part of our awareness.

We are here

That is up

The stars, sun, moon, are in the sky.

We have a lot in common!

6000 in audience....that’s us. For 100,000 years. Well designed human. What has structured

Long term bottleneck of population.

This is stuff. Don’t worry I have

These are personal stories

Glance up at ancient light

Take an atom from your body. An iron atom.

ATE are frontiers of imagination.

Basic principles first

Stuff stories made on.

Drove got a ride. here.

Ok we have a common understanding

Endangered spiecies

Us, our ansestors for 2000 for 100, 000 years.

5000 generations.

A day, a full moon. The sun is a star with planets around it.


It’s Tuesday

DHC has evolved a signal portal to mind

M mmm. M

Transdimensonal. The morning waves. Condensed into matter. Goldilocks. A story you have heard many times.

The universe wants to witness it self. .Youniverse

Timeline of decisions. Stories.

We the people. Life liberty and persist of happiness. Representative government. Have a nice day. From this Earth.

Make this a valuable moment.

Playing cards

The Projects I am in

Common ideology.

51 state flag.

Systems are coming in the place which make representative government less necessary. But you need it why is population.

Neighbor day.

Separate institution from learning. Different stars of mind.

Teaches constitution focus on partipation of people. Early Greek democracy.

Oath. Working contract.

History is a thought experiment. Lifeline. Assendence to the being you are. Genetics isn’t over there it isn’t back there. It’s not an old photo.

I’m afraid to lose my place in line. Choose your filters.

Select not vote ?

Offering not pledge.

Don’t forget systems language

We have to zoom there are a complexity of signals beyond our conscious ability to comprehend them

Cascadian Resilience. Tools

To earthquakes. Geo storm. Invasion. Right to bear arms is a signal for cooperative preparedness.

Pocket knife. Juice. Micro network. Value of staying cool. 911 overload. Like wearing a seatbelt. Seatbelt is preparedness.

Crisis therapy



A thought experiment has its rewards. The most valuable tool that the modern human has is the ability to trust strangers and to create thought experiments.

I need to get a show of hands on a couple of questions. Are you here and now? Do you believe it’s Wednesday. But we all have a common understanding it’s a common illusion

Do you believe in the universe. Do you believe in planets and stars.

Trusting strangers is the success of the species. Look at the way we trust each other driving. We trust the engineers who made the roads. And we trust the budget structures that finance the roads. We trust the makers of asphalt and bridges. We trust the traffic light.

Respecting your ancestors by understanding their origins. Visual time lapse of species population’s growing it becoming complex contracting and minimizing.

Skilled specialization in Cape Town area was probably due to the differences in seafood and plateau tubers and the megaphone are hunting. Mega fauna.

Okay let’s build a sense of trust. Here, now, common imagination. Trust the road man. Wednesday trust me in so far as I can throw a stick. I’ll throw the stick to footnotes on others. Us an them. Wallet experiment. World of common misunderstandings.

The strain of adaption during Population bottle necks.

Climactic and biome interface and the frontal lobe.

Refining general systems perception away from scattershot interesting factoids and defining the networks that perceptually emerge. First principals.

Applied ecological epistemology ecostem.

Bring that sense of knowing into voice.

Hone the talk. Stage and audience prompts

Use a systematic language.

We need good systemic verbs. Transformed.

Nutrition and ingredients labels show components. Needing the language to convert knowledge.

What is that thought experiment? Om3

Particle. Bozon Molecular has Chemical biological verbs.


Responsibility to perception as applied thought experiments are integrated into human systems.

Nano transistors. Why is that important. Depend on a complex human system interface with the physical, biological and AI.

Wednesday is part of a language that talks about time. Once we are comfortable with the concept of time collectively we can then talk about formation.

Optic fossils

That reminds me of a story

Being a part of the universe where you can bring different things together.i

That’s what we all have in common.

Mass disruption of species survival shapes the survivors


Began to trust strangers in the things they offered were greater value than fear.

Thus the millennia of sapiens remain in small groups until trade began.

Good art ships.

Ships. Good art ships.

Trust among strangers is the way we have succeeded in thisRapid change.

Early trading on the front tears involved stacking pile of goods disappearing so that other traders come look at the pile and provide their pile

August 30, 2019.

Take Thursday as a day of the week. We are four weeks in a month or 12 months in the year score lightsThis correlates with the lunar cycles around here during one earth orbit around the star.

What is the emotion of a weekday.. Each day of the week seems to have a cultural significance unique to the others. What is that

A watch who’s digital readout at the top is essentially a group of measurements do you noting time based off circles. The concentric circles radiating out correlate two seconds minutes hours days weeks months years. As one read out

What a difference a day makes