Build a thought experiment

What do I mean by thought experiment? This is a thought experiment. You reading this. Assembling these glyphics into meaning and hopefully relevance. The human mind, or rather the mind of humanity, which includes your thoughts now, are an amalgamation of molecular complexity of interrelated systems that produce, for example -your thoughts now.

How did we get here? What are these systems? Why is it important to understand them? What is this stuff that brings you and me together with this communication? Let's discover the cognitive revolution that is awakening during our generation of experience in so many ways, while we are shedding layers of perception displaced by new kinds of cultural exchange and know how. This is how I see the story goes.

Mapping Micro Macro

Comprehension and action of the unseen systems we are part of.

Above: Excavation at Pinnacle Point Point Cave in South Africa, sight of the earliest art expression of modern humans exampled by the red stone etchings of our logo.

Famous Thought Experiments

Schroder's Cat

Einstein's Elevator

SpaceX - Mission into the solar system

Not so famous thought experiments

Driving a car

Moving an old house in two pieces

The Portal Tunnel

"We are the stuff that dreams are made on."

Mind and Nature

"insofar as we are a mental process, to that same extent we must expect the natural world to show similar characteristics of mentality" Gregory Bateson

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Persuasions demonstrate the biological depth of socialization

William Lands

My Exploration

Dr. Leigh Broadhurst

Mental process in the universe

Lets start here at home and ask the unfolding values of reaching for the stars.

Awareness Galaxy, Galaxy clusters

Reading Spectral signatures and gravity waves.

Goldy Lox and the tuned moon.

Vaneechoutte. 2012. Was Man more aquatic in the past. RBIN-KBIN 120913

Aquatic Primate

World non-violence as a thought experiment

"I believe that Gandhi's views were the most enlightened of all the political men in our time. We should strive to do things in his spirit: not to use violence in fighting for our cause, but by non-participation in anything you believe is evil."

Albert Einstein

A quantum theory for the irreplaceable role of docosahexaenoic acid in neural cell signalling throughout evolution.

Crawford MA1, Broadhurst CL, Guest M, Nagar A, Wang Y, Ghebremeskel K, Schmidt WF.


Six hundred million years ago, the fossil record displays the sudden appearance of intracellular detail and the 32 phyla. The "Cambrian Explosion" marks the onset of dominant aerobic life. Fossil intracellular structures are so similar to extant organisms that they were likely made with similar membrane lipids and proteins, which together provided for organization and specialization. While amino acids could be synthesized over 4 billion years ago, only oxidative metabolism allows for the synthesis of highly unsaturated fatty acids, thus producing novel lipid molecular species for specialized cell membranes. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) provided the core for the development of the photoreceptor, and conversion of photons into electricity stimulated the evolution of the nervous system and brain. Since then, DHA has been conserved as the principle acyl component of photoreceptor synaptic and neuronal signalling membranes in the cephalopods, fish, amphibian, reptiles, birds, mammals and humans. This extreme conservation in electrical signalling membranes despite great genomic change suggests it was DHA dictating to DNA rather than the generally accepted other way around. We offer a theoretical explanation based on the quantum mechanical properties of DHA for such extreme conservation. The unique molecular structure of DHA allows for quantum transfer and communication of π-electrons, which explains the precise depolarization of retinal membranes and the cohesive, organized neural signalling which characterizes higher intelligence.

Can world resources be converted to resolve suffering of humans?

Can humans consciously depopulate to 1/10 current population?

Can humans shift from tribal warfare to global warfare to no warfare?

Can humans dematerialize and still have functioning economies?

Can the world of human become techno-peasants, enjoying the advances of technology without adverse affects?

Can the Earth be restored?

Can humans take actions that they know improve ten generations?

Can a signal change the world?

Can an economic exchange between two entities change the world?