Predictable Future

What are the dimensions of a predictable future?

One thing we seem to know for sure is that every molecule in the universe is a relationship of particles, take a relative position to each other, are in motion and have vectors that are thought to be predictable from the standpoint of a highly localized and limited mapping organisms.

Planning is predicting and taking action toward a vector within the local unfolding universe. In physics, Local describes the interaction of coalescing weaker forces of sub atomic particles. Where as the Higgs Boson is uniquely a consistent pattern of waves throughout the universe, other particles coalesce into regions associated with atoms, molecular composition thus gravitational influences toward clustering, reaching chemical balances through energy exchange convergences which include critical mass -then converting into new energy converted forms.

Predicting a vector is a layering and integration of mapping possibilities. Testing and refining the paths of influence into communication or energy paths.

Mapping - The mental process called memory. Memory reminds our conscious brain to recall patterns of sensory that provide value or affirmation of biased that induces biochemical responses such as elation, overjoy and sorrow. Predicting is a memory exercise, the formation of information paths look at a broad set of possibilities and construct and adopt a formulate a vector, a story.

A THOUGHT EXPERIMENT to strengthen a sense of now and molecular positions around you in the moment.

Look around you now. Sense the things around you. What are they made of? Can you explore the resource path from their original concentrated fields, harvested to conversion factories delivered to -and is now present in- this moment of time with you. In the city, most everything is synthesized, in the nature the organization of molecules appear less impacted by the decision path of mindful actors.

Te. In core values.

Thought experiment in energy.

In gut biology

Boring. Keck

Convergence in materials, cumulative revolution in applied innovations on mass scale.

Reverse engineering is a thought experiment.

Understand reverse evolution. Signals of the past are fossilized. Become mental architecture.

Massive amounts of cooperation with limited flow of resource. Triage.