The fact that you are interpreting these glyphs demonstrates a human thought experiment. In your mind you are listening to an inner voice socially trained to turn these sets of shapes into complex thoughts. From this unique pattern you are shaping a new idea. You are experimenting with understanding something new. Even if you get this far and decided you've heard it all before, you are filtering a thought pattern to determine its usefulness. If you get a little exhilaration out of this Ah Ha! moment then you are witnessing in yourself the most essential elements of the human thought experiment -creative understanding. Cultivating creative understanding into responsive action is at the heart of this pitch.

From this trust in creating and sharing something interesting: from the design of a fishing hook, a chair, a rocket ship or a the physics of life forms the basis of change and exchange making up our social fabric.

Comprehending the present moment is a set of stories A universal way to begin a thought experiment is to start with the word Imagine.

Imagine for a moment you are inside a universe made up of many kinds of wave filling all space. From where you are the waves converge into shapes of oxygen molecules, iron molecules, cells of skin, strands of proteins, a container of gut microbes, and a perceptual being.

It appears there is a convergence of energy shaping a human body, the mass and gravity of earth, interacting relationships of biology within an atmosphere, a local star, and microscopic mites farming your dead skin.

The freedom of discovery has shaped the opportunity to change the momentum of our destructive successes.